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International Commodity Trading

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Metalex World S.A. is a leading player in the field of international commodities trading and offers a wide range of products and raw materials.

Metalex World S.A. is mainly sourcing products from the CIS and China and is selling them all over the world through a wide customer base.

Metalex World S.A. provides the most professional services to its partners (suppliers and customers) by understanding their exacting demands. The continuous quest for excellence in customer service has given Metalex World S.A. a high level of credibility in the world market.

Metalex World S.A. acts as a principal in  trading and handles and co-ordinates all trade related activities with its own resources and knowledge.


Ave. 30 E Rambert,
CP 1079, CH-1001
Tel: +41-21 729 4171
Fax: +41-21 729 4172

34 London Road,
Tel: +44 1483 230 308
Fax: +44 1483 230 309

6th floor,
15 Republic Square,
Almaty 050013
Tel: +73272 581 770
Fax: +73272 664 564